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On the show today, I have Dr. Bridget Kelly Sinha. Bridget is an orthopedic physical therapist, with specialties in working with dancers, runners, and individuals with vestibular conditions. She does physical therapy, personal training and pilates, and dance conditioning.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Her favorite things to do for active recovery
  • How to increase resiliency
  • Her 5 favorite exercises
  • The main issues she sees with the feet and how to correct them
  • Her favorite tools as a PT

Bridget attended Elon University where she began training as a BFA Dance Performance and Choreography major.  After many dance-related injuries, she began studying dance biomechanics and injury prevention. This interest lead her to develop an independent major in Dance Science.  After completing her BA in Dance Science, Bridget worked as a Director of Dance Medicine and Conditioning in a physical therapy practice. While working closely with physical therapists there, it became clear that physical therapy would be a great career path to help both dancers and non-dancers rehabilitate from injuries and improve their quality of life.

Bridget went on to attend the University of Kentucky, where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. Prior to relocating to Charlotte, she has been a practicing physical therapist in Minneapolis, MN where she specialized in working with dancers, runners, and treating chronic low back and neck pain. Bridget has also worked as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Her dance biomechanics research has been presented internationally. She is also an active member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.

You can connect with Dr. Bridget Kelly Sinha at:


Instagram: @balanceddancept

Facebook: Balanced Physical Therapy and Dance Wellness

Thank you for listening!

Dr. Matt Westheimer

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