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Is pain keeping you from the sport that you love? Dr. Matt is the go-to sports chiropractor in Charlotte NC.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who loves to go to the gym, runner, or play ultimate frisbee on the weekends, or you just want to move better so you can keep up with your kids, we create a customized solution to get you back doing what you enjoy most.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be an athlete in life. To some, an athlete is playing a professional sport or training six days per week. To others, it is being able to carry two suitcases and pick their kids up in the air without pain. In either scenario, we can help. If you have a structural issue creating weakness in your body, we will do our best to find, solve it, and get you back to living your best life.

At Precision Chiropractic, we offer complimentary consultations for all new patients seeking if they are good candidates for care. Please click the button below to book with us.

Injuries That A Sports Chiropractor Can Help With

Some of the sports injuries chiropractic care can be very effective with:

Why us?

Dr. Westheimer is a sports chiropractor in Charlotte Nc who has extensive experience with taking care of patients with sports injuries. He has many hours of advanced education in extremity adjusting as well so he can better serve new patients who are looking for a sports chiropractic clinic. He has helped everyone from golfers and runners to weight lifters and tennis players get out of pain and get their function back. Give us a call for a complimentary phone or in-person consultation with Dr. Westheimer to see if our office is a good fit for you.


We are proud to serve the families of Matthews, Charlotte, Weddington, Ballantyne, Waxhaw, and even have many patients traveling from Concord to work with us. Please let us know if we can support you and your family.

Enhancing Athletic Capabilities Through Extremity Adjusting

Athletes, be it recreational runners, avid gym-goers, or weekend ultimate frisbee enthusiasts, often push their bodies to achieve optimal performance. Along this pursuit, they might experience injuries not just in the spine, but also in the extremities. Enter extremity adjusting: a specialized form of chiropractic care focusing on injuries and ailments related to the limbs.

Why Extremity Adjusting is Vital for Athletes

Extremity adjusting targets joints of the body that aren’t categorized as part of the spine. These can include joints in the arms, legs, feet, and hands. Ensuring that these joints are functioning optimally is crucial for anyone who is actively involved in sports or physical activities.

Expertise in Extremity Adjusting with Dr. Westheimer

Under the adept hands of Dr. Westheimer, patients can expect comprehensive care. With his advanced education and extensive experience in extremity adjusting, he’s equipped to enhance athletic performance, expedite recovery, and optimize function.

Joining You in Your Sports Journey

We understand the passion and dedication athletes put into their sports. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring they receive the best care possible. Whether you hail from Matthews, Charlotte, Weddington, Ballantyne, Waxhaw, or even Concord, our doors are always open to help you achieve your athletic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sports chiropractic?

Sports chiropractic care takes a personalized approach to your sports injuries. Traditional chiropractors are effective in reducing muscle spasms, temporarily increasing range of motion, and reducing pain, but are not well trained on getting to the root cause of a sports injury and customizing a program of care for the spine and extremities to restore optimal function. As a structural chiropractor with extensive training in extremity care and working with athletes, we are positioned to support you on your journal back to your sport.

Does a sports chiropractor adjust and work on extremities?

Yes. We have extensive training, study, and experience working on shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. We always check the entire kinetic chain. This means we start at the foundation, which is the spine, and check each joint along the arms and legs to determine exactly what needs to be addressed to get you back to being healthy again.

Do you work with kid and adult athletes?

Absolutely. We have training in adults and pediatrics, so whether you have a child who has experienced a sports injury, or an adult with an overuse injury, we would be happy to help. Check out some of our amazing reviews here.

How would I know if you can help us with our sports injury?

Great question. The only way to know is to start off with a conversation. That is why we always do a complimentary consultation to determine whether or not your condition is something we can help you with before you spend any money. If we believe there is a good chance we can help you, we will schedule a thorough examination. If we don’t believe we can help you, we will let you know and make a recommendation that we feel will be the best fit for you.

Schedule a complimentary consultation

We will always start with a complimentary consultation so that we can learn about your condition and so you can learn about our unique style of Structural Correction and how it can have a significant impact on your life and overall health.

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