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Chiropractic Care for Headaches and Migraines

Have you ever had one of those headaches where it just knocks you out for the rest of the day? Have you had the type that just nags at you and doesn’t seem to go away for very long? Headaches and migraines don’t just ruin our lives. They can also ruin the lives of the people around us because we are not very fun to be around when we are suffering.

There are many different types of headaches and causes of headaches. The media wants you to believe they are all the same and can be treated with a single pill. This only addresses the symptom but does nothing to address the root cause of the headaches.

You must know what type of headache you are dealing with and only then can you prescribe a specific approach to address the root cause of it.

Why Choose Precision Chiropractic?

With corrective chiropractic care, our goal is to get to the root cause of your headaches or migraines. We are honored and privileged to serve the amazing people in Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, Waxhaw, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you are suffering from a dull ache in your head or a debilitating migraine, you have come to the right place. We have helped literally hundreds of people resolve their headaches naturally without any drugs and surgery.

One more thing, in the rare instance that we may not be able to help you with your headache or migraine, we will make sure we get you to someone who can. It is our promise.

I have been suffering from constant migraines, back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain every day for many years. Some days, I get such bad nausea that I could not open my eyes. This led me to constantly rely on over-the-counter medications and painkillers which provided some temporary relief but the migraines still persisted. My overall quality of life had been affected. I constantly struggled to concentrate at work due to my illness. Worst of all, I could not enjoy quality time with my wife and toddler due to the nagging pain in my shoulder.

I met Dr Matthew and noticed he was very thoughtful and knew his stuff well. After the first few sessions with him, I was feeling much better. At each session, he will patiently explain what he is doing and what goals he wants to achieve together with me. Now, after one month, my headaches and migraines are completely gone! My neck and shoulder are getting better and mostly I do not have to rely on medications and painkillers. I would say chiropractic has changed my life! Recently, I noticed my digestion has improved tremendously. I am now able to enjoy quality time with my family without worrying about pain. This has been one of the best investments and I will never look back!

– Irfan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get headaches?

There are many causes to headaches such as dehydration, food sensitivities, migraines, and lack of sleep to name a few, but the main cause of headaches that we see are due to a structural shift in the spine, primarily in the upper neck region. These structural shifts can create pressure on the neuro-vascular structure of the head and neck leading to pain, pressure, or discomfort in the head.

Why do my headaches seem to be worse when I am under stress?

Pain occurs when you reach a threshold. The farther the baseline is from the threshold, the more stress you can endure before pain sets in. Let me give you an example. Imagine you have an 8-ounce glass and it is already full with 7 ounces of water. If you add just a little more water, it is overflowing because it was already close to the threshold. If you have an 8-ounce glass with 1 ounce of water in it, it can handle a lot more water before it spills over because it is farther away from the threshold. When you have a structural shift in the upper neck, that leads to increased tension and a closer proximity to the pain threshold.

Is it a muscle problem or a nerve problem?

Great question. The answer is both a muscle and a nerve problem. The cause is usually a nerve problem. What happens first is there is a structural shift that occurs in the neck. That structural shift leads to an instability, interference, and/or compression of the nerves which leads to inflammation and muscle splinting. The muscle splinting leads to tension and a resulting headache. If you just treat the muscle without correcting the abnormal structural shift, the relief will only be temporary. Usually if we correct the spinal alignment, the muscles will relax, the tension dissolves, and the headache resolves on its own.

How long will it take for my headaches to go away?

Many of our patients notice an improvement in their headaches in a relatively short period of time. Usually a handful of adjustments over a period of a couple of weeks can have a positive effect. However, getting to the CAUSE of the problem and getting that fully corrected takes more time and is really dependent on each person and their unique situation, history, and lifestyle. We do a comprehensive assessment and provide you thorough and realistic solutions if we can help you so you feel confident and comfortable with our approach. If we don’t believe we can help you, we will make the necessary referral to get you in the hands of the right practitioner for your specific situation.

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