Neck Pain

Getting to the source of your neck pain

Chiropractic for Neck Pain

How often do you find yourself sitting on the computer or staring at your phone? As you are reading this, your head is most likely drooping forward while your shoulders and upper back are rounded.

As our society gets more and more sedentary, this places our head and neck in severely compromised positions for extended hours every day. This puts an extraordinary amount of stress on your neck and the rest of your spine leading to aches, pains, and early signs of degeneration and accelerated aging.

Why Choose Precision Chiropractic?

With corrective chiropractic care, our goal is to get to the root cause of your neck pain, and we are honored and privileged to serve the amazing people of Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, Waxhaw, and the surrounding areas.

If you or someone you know is suffering from neck pain, give us a call for a complimentary consultation and see if we can help you.

I was experiencing constant headaches, neck aches, pain and numbness in my thumbs, and occasional pinching feelings throughout my body. I was having difficulties sitting on the floor or carrying my 2 year old for more than 5 minutes as my back would stiffen up and I wasn’t able to straighten my back. I was also falling sick more often and having difficulty taking deep breathes. This had affected my quality of life and I was feeling frustrated and tired all of the time. My children (2 & 4 yr olds) were also suffering from frequent bouts of persistent flu and colds that often lasted for weeks.

After a few months of adjustments, I am feeling much better. I no longer have back aches, numbing feelings, or pinching feelings anymore. I am able to take deeper breathes. I have not had a flu since I started the adjustments with Dr Matthew. My children’s health has improved as well. My son has not been sick in a few months (he used to get the flu every few weeks). My daughter still gets the occasional flu, but it’s a lot less frequent and she recovers much faster. All in all, our family’s quality of life has improved ever since we started our chiropractic care.

I would encourage parents to enroll their children in the chiropractic program as early as possible. If I had started the program at a much younger age, I would probably be in a much better shape than I am now.

– Buraya

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my neck pain go away?

If you have neck pain that will not go away even if it feels like a minor thing, it is worth getting checked out. If you just have a simple strain or muscle pull, the pain should go away in a matter of a couple of days. If you are finding the pain is more constant or it comes and goes frequently, that is an indication there is a problem and it should be addressed with a structural chiropractor.

Will stretching fix my neck pain?

If your only problem is tight muscles, stretching might be all you need. If the tightness is due to a structural shift in your neck, stretching might provide temporary relief but it will not fix the problem. The alignment must be corrected if you really want to correct the problem.

Is the reason I have neck pain because I am using the wrong pillow?

No. If your body is so fragile that using a certain pillow is causing you pain, you have to address the weakness. Many people are so focused on creating the perfect environment for their body, but your body should be resilient enough to handle a pillow. The main reason a pillow would cause you problems would be if there was a weakness or an abnormal shift in the spine that compromised the body’s ability to adapt. Then a small stimulus like a pillow could result in pain.

Is neck pain something I am just going to have to live with?

Most of the time – no. We have helped hundreds of patients resolve their neck pain without any drugs or surgery. Structural correction is a powerful tool to be able to give people their lives back.

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