Arm, Shoulder, & Leg Pain

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Chiropractic for Arm, Shoulder, and Leg Pain

The unique thing about humans is our unique ability to use our arms and legs. It’s unlike any other member of the animal kingdom. We take this for granted until we are no longer able to function the way we used to.

We take for granted our ability to wash our hair or swing a golf club until our shoulder or arm is in too much pain to do those things any longer. We take for granted our ability to bend down and pick up our kids until our knees are in too much pain to bend down any longer. We take for granted our ability to swing a tennis racket or roll a bowling ball until our elbow begins to hurt.

Many of these conditions have a link to the spine and are due to an underlying cause that is only temporarily relieved or covered up with plasters, ointments, and medications.

Why Choose Precision Chiropractic?

With corrective chiropractic care, our goal is to get to the root cause of your arm, shoulder, or leg pain. We are honored and privileged to serve the amazing people of Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, Waxhaw, and the surrounding areas.

The only long lasting solution is correct it rather than patch it. Give us a call and see if our unique approach to structural correction is right for you.

My mother had an unfortunate accident due to a faulty tread mill at the gym in our condo. Thereafter for 5-6 months she could not move her arm (although there was no fracture). She could not sleep at night as her arm would cause extreme pain. Her loose back also caused immense pain. Due to the pain and lack of sleep her overall health was suffering, she always felt tired and drained out. We tried physiotherapy, massages etc. but nothing helped.

Honestly when we first came to Dr. Matthew W. we were very skeptic as nothing had worked. His detailed explanation as well as optimism subbed off on us and we decided to give it a go. Soon her pain diminished, she was able to sleep better and finally there is no pain and she can move her arm again. These 6-7 months of therapy have been a life-changing experience. I would without a 2nd thought recommend chiropractic and Dr. Matthew Westheimer to one and all.

– Reechi S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I experiencing pain in my arm, shoulder, or legs when I never injured them?

Pain in the arms or legs (extremities) can be frustrating especially when you have no idea where the pain is coming from. If you didn’t have a direct trauma or injury to the leg or arm, it is quite likely the problem can be coming from the spine.

How can a problem in the spine cause problems in my arms and legs?

The spine and nerve system is the master coordinating system of the body. The nerves that come off of the spine travel and feed information to every part of the body from the top of the head to the tips of the fingers to the tips of the toes. If there is an obstruction of the nerve at the level of the spinal column, it can affect any area that nerve is distributed to.

Is that why I have had treatment for my arm or leg pain, and it doesn’t seem to recover, or the results are just temporary?

It definitely could be. If the source of the problem is coming from the nerve at the level of the spine, any treatment of the extremity will just be temporary at best because you are not getting to the SOURCE of the problem.

How will I know if the problem is coming from the spine or somewhere else?

Our thorough examination will help you determine the cause of your problem. We will perform a detailed case history and as well as a detailed examination where we will evaluate every level of the nerve along the kinetic chain. We start with the spine and then evaluate each joint and pathway of the nerve to determine if the obstruction is coming from the spine or any other imbalances along the arm or leg. There is no guesswork with our process. We utilize a combination of a thorough physical exam and state of the art technology like digital x-ray to determine exactly what the cause of your problem is.

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