Years ago I attended a conference and we had to sit all weekend.

I sat for about 10 hours on Saturday and another 8 hours on Sunday.

By the end of the weekend, I was a mess.

Sitting is Brutal for Your Spine

It did not matter what I did. After a few hours of sitting, it did not matter how straight I was sitting. My back was a mess. I couldn’t focus anymore. And it felt like there was a dark cloud lingering over me.

As a chiropractor, I spend most of my day moving around. I do sit while doing consultations, notes, reading, and research but never all day.

I thought to myself, “What would my health be like if I had to do this every single day for years?”

The Small Things Lead to Big Things

Then I had the realization that many of my patients are exposed to and experience exactly that. Most people are sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours per day with very little movement.

One or two days of that is no big deal. But multiply that by 365 days and multiply that by 20 years and we are talking about some serious damage.

Those of you really analytical ones are thinking, “It’s not 365 days! It’s only 265 because we have weekends off!”

Let’s be real. Most people are just as sedentary on the weekends as they are during the week, and even if you are not, 265 days times 20 years is still a lot of damage.

Now let’s rewind and look at our kids.

Can you take a guess what the MOST important nutrient for a child is?

Vitamin “M” – MOVEMENT.

The Power of Movement

We have our kids sitting in front of screens and staring at artificial light for hours a day with little to no movement and they miss out on the most important nutrient for development.

And we think a more ergonomic chair and sitting up straight is going to solve our problems?

It will help like putting a tiny space heater in your home and expecting it to heat up the whole place.

Rather than looking for the perfect chair, find more ways to move.

Action Steps to Improve Your Health

Get your kids more playtime. Make movement a family priority.

Read and respond to emails while walking on a treadmill.

Go out for walks after meals.

Listen to a conference call while stretching or taking a hike.

Do 10 push-ups every 30 min and 20 air squats on the hour.

So I repeat – stop just trying to sit up straight.

If you or your family member is ready to take the next step with your health and learn more about longevity and improving your health span, let us know and we are always here to help at Precision Chiropractic.

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