Entrepreneurs and overachievers never talk about being overwhelmed. They prefer to use the term “stressed.”

But let’s call it what it is – stressed and overwhelmed are basically the same thing.

Being overwhelmed drives stress and being stressed drives overwhelm. They create this positive feedback loop – and I don’t mean positive as a good thing. In this case positive means they fuel each other like gas on a flame.

One sure way to avoid overwhelm is to live so deep in your comfort zone that nothing ever challenges you. But let’s be real. If you are reading this, that does not apply to you.

What are some empowering questions?

If you want to shift from the disempowering place of overwhelm to the empowering place of mastering over your “self,” you have to begin by asking yourself empowering questions.

“How does this situation serve me?”

“How is this happening for me rather than to me?”

“How can I make this situation fun or fulfilling?”

“What’s the gift in this situation?”

“What can I learn from my circumstance and how can I use it to better serve humanity?”

The antidote to overwhelm is MEANING.


Taking Massive Action

Ask yourself, “Do I have control over this situation?” If the answer is no, then ask yourself, “Do I have control over my emotions in this situation?” That answer is ALWAYS yes.

If you do have control over the situation, then get to work taking massive action to make the circumstance better.

I see patients all of the time who are overwhelmed when it comes to their health – or lack of it.

Steps to Regaining Your Health

By the time many people come to see me, they have been struggling with a health challenge for quite some time.

The first step we have to take is to create the foundation and belief that their body was meant to heal and if we give it the resources to thrive, they will get better, or at least improve.

Unfortunately, I have patients that have come in that just want an easy path. They do not want to put in the work and the time so they will always struggle.

I have other patients, like a gentleman that started care a few weeks ago who was in such horrible shape he could barely walk. But he was committed to getting better. He followed everything I told him and combined his chiropractic care with other supportive approaches and he has made tremendous progress because he took massive action on the things he had control over.

He did not have control over when or how long it would take to heal, but he took massive action on the things he did have control over.


In life, we are going to get hit with massive challenges whether we want to or not. Health challenges, deaths of loved ones, business, and financial struggles, and more, but we have to shift from a state of overwhelm to an empowering state if we really want our life to be better.

Number one – ask yourself empowering questions.

Number two – if you have control over it, get to work taking massive action.

Number three – if you do not have control of the situation, let it go and focus on what you do have control over.

As always, if there is anything I can do to support you, I am here for you night or day. I may not have all of the answers for you, but I will always do my best to connect you with someone who does have the specific answer for your need.

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See you next week!


Dr. Matt Westheimer