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Abigail Dyson has been training in martial arts with her family for 13 years. She earned her black belt as a young teenager and became one of the youngest certified instructors in the US. Now, years later, she is a 4th degree black belt, runs her own martial arts school, and has taught thousands of families across the world to become Black Belt leaders.

She also is a certified personal trainer and has been an active weightlifter for the past 8 years. She runs a successful fitness Instagram account where she is passionate about women owning their strengths in and outside of the gym.

In this episode we talk about:

  1. How to build greater confidence in yourself?
  2. Advice for young girls struggling with self esteem issues, but this can be applied to anyone
  3. How to develop more consistency and discipline in your life
  4. The value of martial arts for kids 

Abigail is super bright, very well spoken, successful ,and kind. She is the real deal. I think you guys will really enjoy this episode! 

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Listen to the episode here

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IG: @thefitlife_abigail


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