My Story

It was the worst day of my life.

I was at the peak of my physical fitness regularly doing high intensity and strength training. My muscle density was high, and my body fat was low. 

I was on the rooftop of the building I was living in at the time in the middle of a really fun heavy kettlebell workout, when I went from feeling invincible to the worst day of my life.

On the downward swing of a two handed kettlebell swing I felt something “pop” in my low back. I knew immediately that was a bad sign, but I wasn’t smart enough to stop. 

My adrenaline was high and I kept pushing to finish the workout.

Later that night my back started to really hurt. 

The next morning the pain was unbearable, and I could barely get out of bed.

I went from lifting hundreds of pounds of weight to not being able to put on my own socks without excruciating pain. 

Every step hurt. Sitting hurt. Rolling over in bed was almost unbearably painful.

In between patients, I would slowly drape myself but it was more like collapsing over a small stool to try to create some traction in my low back. 

This went on for months. 

At more than a handful of moments, I thought I was going to have to give up being a chiropractor and do something else with my life because the pain was just too much to bear. 

I learned a lot through that process. 

I learned a lot about being a great chiropractor. 

I learned a lot about what it takes to build a bulletproof low back.

I learned a lot about compassion and empathy for people suffering physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I learned a lot about life. 

That experience was about 8 years ago and I still think about it every single day.

The good news is that I am back to doing everything I did prior to that incident and more – mountain biking, rock climbing, weight lifting, sprinting, yoga, hiking, and more.

Step One: The Root Cause

If you truly want to heal your low back, you have to get to the root cause of your low back pain. Most treatments for the low back are just covering up the symptoms. This provides temporary relief but not a long lasting solution.

If you have a structural shift occurring in the spine where one or more bones are creating irritation to the nerves in the area, we have to reduce pressure on the nerves in order for the area to recover. 

Step Two: Specific, NeuroStructural Chiropractic Care

Traditional or conventional chiropractic care can be very helpful for pain relief, but for true correction to occur, a NeuroStructural approach is a more comprehensive analysis and correction protocol that is personalized to your situation and your needs.

Rather than a shotgun approach, we take a sniper-like approach to determining the exact cause of your problem, and perform specific corrections in order to help you restore your health. 

Step Three: Complimentary Recommendations

We take education very seriously. We are constantly studying, learning, and training so we are up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology to help you, and we educate you on what you need to know and do to maximize your results. This can be everything from nutrition to movement to mindset.

Step Four: Optimization

Once we correct the neurostructural issue that is causing your back pain, we want to help you keep it healthy so you can feel great for the long run.

Corrective Chiropractic Serving the Matthews, Charlotte, Weddington, and Surrounding Areas

At Precision Chiropractic, our goal is to help as many families as possible optimize their health through corrective chiropractic care.

If you are struggling with low back pain and are looking for a solution, reach out to us and we would be happy to set up a COMPLIMENTARY consultation. At this appointment, either in person or virtually, we would determine if we might be able to help you and your options for moving forward.