Prenatal Chiropractic

Providing a sound structural approach to the spine and pelvis to allow for a healthy pregnancy

Prenatal chiropractic is about optimizing your biomechanics to support a healthy pregnancy and birth process. The female body goes through tons of changes throughout pregnancy. Your body is releasing different hormones and structural changes are occurring to create space and room for the developing fetus to grow into. The center of gravity changes and there is more stress throughout the body, especially in the spine and pelvis.

Dr. Westheimer has taken advanced courses through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in order to deliver care to you at the highest standard possible. Pregnancy and delivery should be a beautiful and enjoyable process. We are more than happy to support you in making that a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is prenatal chiropractic care so important?

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and miraculous process. A woman is literally growing a tiny human inside of her, created from 2 cells. It is an incredible thing. It can also be a very challenging thing. Her body is rapidly changing. Different hormones are being produced and the spine and pelvis are literally moving around to create space for a tiny human. During this process, the spine and pelvis can become imbalanced and restricted leading to pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. By providing gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments to the spine and pelvis, it allows for the optimal internal environment for both mom and baby to thrive.

Will a chiropractic adjustment hurt if I am pregnant?

Specific chiropractic adjustments do not hurt when you are pregnant. Due to the different hormones your body produces when it is pregnant, it is many times easier to perform a specific adjustment with very low force. Many of our pregnant patients love the experience of getting adjusted and find it helps them to have a much more enjoyable and comfortable pregnancy.

How will chiropractic care help with the birth process?

The birth process is probably the most physically demanding experience any person will ever have to go through. When the sacrum, pelvis, and low back are aligned properly, the internal structures and ligaments are balanced. This allows the best opportunity for the baby to be positioned properly and for the pelvis to be structurally free to adapt expanding which allows space for the baby to pass through.

What if my belly is too big to lie down?

We get this question a lot from pregnant women! We have specialized tables that allow space for you to lie down. If it is too uncomfortable to lie face down, we have many techniques to be able to adjust you in a position that you find comfortable.

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